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What our clients say about GPN

"Personal, one-on-one. Definitely not a cookie-cutter type of service. They get to know the practice before making recommendations and decisions. Their changes have made a very positive effect on our patients and staff. My staff is energetic and enthusiastic about their jobs and their atmosphere!"
Dr. Chris Hobson, OD – Kennesaw, GA

“Where most consultants concentrate on making your practice fit into a set of numbers and statistics based on a national average, GPN looks at your practice individually to determine strengths and weaknesses. GPN's techniques to dissect practice financials to get to the real bottom line are unique and something I have not experienced with other consultants. GPN strives to instill in a patient's minds that there is no need to go shopping elsewhere for product as it is all under one roof for the best value."
Dr Gary Morgan, OD – Peoria, Arizona

"I have no reservations in wholeheartedly recommending Jay and the GPN team to any optometrist who is looking to make more money in their optical. I had been looking for Jay for a long time, but had just about given up in finding someone that could accurately access the pulse of my optical. GPN not only saved and revived my optical but they have it thriving even in this difficult economic time. They helped evaluate all my managed care and removed product that was costing me money and replaced it with product that we could make money. We made the decision to use branded product and sell more higher end frames and lenses. Also, Jay helped me in the hiring process to find an outstanding retail manager. He also helped establish the pricing structure with private pay and managed care. They have helped me run the optical as a separate business and determine how much money it is making me."
Dr. Chris Teichmiller, OD - Decatur, Alabama

"Despite owning a very successful office I knew there was room for improvement. In particular, I realized that the optical dispensary was running itself with no direction, and it was too important an area to delegate to someone simply because they had the most tenure. Consultants are quick to tell you how important the optical is to a practice's success, but Jay was the only one to actually provide a professional management plan. He understands retail, and helped reorganize my entire optical using merchandising, product mix, new pricing and packaging structures, and sales training. The EDGE online sales tools have allowed me for the first time to analyze the health of my practice instantaneously, and to monitor individual frame stylists sales. GPN has helped me become more profitable without working harder!"
Dr. John R. Scibal, OD

“Our practice contracted GPN last year to provide insights and skill sets we felt were necessary to take our practice to the next level. GPN has far exceeded our expectations. They provide powerful information and tools.”
Dr. Gray Sass, OD - Marietta, GA


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